An Aggressive Yet Sustainable Growth Strategy

NexGen Mining, Inc. is a diversified and experienced junior mining company that embraces a path of aggressive growth, creating shareholder value, & sustainability.  As we continue to develop and build on our existing exploration assets and pursue additional opportunities, we remain committed to building a sustainable business today with a focus on tomorrow. 

Our Promise

NexGen Mining is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship and social responsibility. We recognize the importance of environmental management and the support of local communities, and we integrate environmental and social factors into our decision-making process.



Our success depends on the highest level of corporate governance where economic achievement, community, and environmental sustainability are fostered and valued.


Shareholder Value

We are committed to building and maintaining constructive, long-standing relationships with our stakeholders, dealing openly and transparently.



In order to reduce impacts on communities and the environment, we strive to manage land responsibly during the lifecycle of our assets.

The Muskox Intrusion

The Muskox Intrusion is one of the last undeveloped world-class Nickel-Copper-Platinum Group Element (PGE) prospects. NexGen Mining Inc (NXGM) is offering for exclusive sale a complete modern data set covering this property. It represents a significant investment of time and money and would allow the owner to begin an advanced exploration program immediately.